Gyro Café will offer the community an exciting menu of Mediterranean pita sandwiches, salads, and desert (baklava). Pita bread, Middle Eastern flat bread, is used as a healthy, tasty foundation for a variety of sandwiches. Customers have the choice of simple, quick Mediterranean meals or a sandwich were the ingredients are wrapped in pita.  

Place your to go order before you leave by calling 206-324-6435 and all you need to do is arrive, validate payment and it will be ready for pickup.  We don't like to serve cold food so depending on your request it may be made right when you arrive.

The meal plate offerings include:

  • Gyros (lamb and beef) Plate/Meal
  • Kebabs (skewered, seasoned chicken or beef) Plate/Meal


  • Sharwarma (stewed, seasoned chicken or beef) Plate/Meal
  • Falafel Plate/Meal (seasoned chickpeas)


All plates come with sides of hummus, salad, and an option of fries or rice

There are also sandwich only options of each of the above which are priced from  

Gyro Café, 107 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA, 206-324-6435,